Aloe & Rooibos Health Drink 500ml


Aloe & Rooibos Health Drink is an antioxidant juice that helps to boost and strengthen your immune system. Antioxidants help prevent or slow damage to cells caused by free radicals (unstable molecules that the body produces as a reaction to environmental and other pressures such as pollution, alcohol, tobacco smoke, and heavy metals), helping to prevent disease and ageing.

Aloe has been used for many generations as a natural health-promoting drink. Aloe Ferox, as known as Cape Aloe is indigenous to South Africa and contains 28% more aloin (laxative component) and 36% more amino acids than Aloe vera.

As technology evolves, we at Annique believe to keep up with trends and provide our customers state of the art technology in our products. We are always looking at new way to add value and ensure our products are world-class. For this reason, we have upgraded our Aloe Health Drink formula to provide even more health-promoting benefits. The new formula contains superior Organic Aloe Pectin Gel and fermented Rooibos extract, both powerful antioxidants that promote better health. The Aloe Pectin Gel is more concentrated that the Aloe Powder used in the previous formula – providing more Aloe benefits.
Description of use:

Adults: can drink 25ml of Annique’s Aloe & Rooibos Health Drink twice a day with meals
Children: between the ages of 2-12 can take half of the adult dosage per day
It can be mixed with water or taken on its own
Time of day: AM

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Aloe & Rooibos Health Drink 500ml