Velvet Touch Natural Foundation: Cappuccino 30ml


Annique considers foundation as part of your daily skincare routine and has developed advanced formulations to offer excellent coverage as well as skin care benefits.

Get flawless skin with Velvet Touch Foundation. The rich, soft, light crème-like texture offers good coverage and leaves the skin feeling like velvet.

One of the cutting-edge ingredients, light diffusing pigment, fills wrinkles and imperfections, ensuring a smooth feel and younger appearance.

This fragrance-free formulation also contains Green Rooibos extract, a powerful antioxidant to protect your skin against environmental damage.

Product Application:
Prep your skin:

Cleanse face with the Annique cleanser or soap most suited to your skin and rinse with warm (Rooibos) water before your foundation application. After your Annique skin care routine (including your Annique Moisturiser), complete the routine with the Annique Freshener most suited to your skin. Leave skin to settle for a few minutes and then apply Colour Caress Velvet Touch Foundation.
Optimal Coverage:

Apply Colour Caress BB Cream after your Annique skin care routine (including your Annique Moisturiser), finishing off with the freshener and leave to settle for a few minutes. Then apply your Annique Velvet Touch Foundation and make-up. Re-apply Colour Caress BB Cream and foundation as often as needed during the day. Repeat application regularly if you are spending time in the sun.

Sophisticated coating technology fills wrinkles and creates an even, diffuse of light distribution. This makes imperfections look virtually invisible. Instant smoothing effect. These Spherical particles produce an exceptional ballbearing effect for an incredibly smooth skin feel

It provides smooth, even application and good adhesion
Improves skin feel and appearance
Long wearing
Luxurious texture and feel on the skin
Creates a flawless complexion
SPF 20 protects the skin against sun damage that cause uneven skin-tone and pigmentation
Fragrance free

Most suitable for:

Oily skin
Normal/combination skin
Younger skin

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Velvet Touch Natural Foundation: Cappuccino 30ml