Velvet Touch Natural Foundation: Natural Beige 30ml


Annique’s foundation forms part of our unique skincare routine because it contains state-of-the-art ingredients that care for your skin.

Coverage is no longer the only requirement women look for when choosing a foundation. With amazing skin care technologies and breakthroughs, foundation has become part of most women’s skin care routines.

When choosing a foundation we want to see buzzwords like “anti-ageing”, “skin-protecting” and “moisturising properties”. Annique once again brings you the latest and best technologies in our Colour Caress Velvet Touch foundation formula.
Colour Caress Velvet Touch formula offers:
1. Light-diffusing pigments

Velvet Touch includes particles that have light-diffusing properties. The presence of the multi-reflecting pigments in the crème foundation diffuses light to minimise the appearance of skin imperfections and fine lines.

Think of them as tiny mirrors reflecting light away from your flaws, so that your skin appears flawless. This results in the skin looking naturally radiant with a beautiful glow.
2. Superior sun protection with SPF 20

Due to the harsh climate, we face daily, it is vital that we protect our skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. This formula provides protection against premature ageing while assisting in evening out your skin tone.
3. Moisturising properties

Velvet Touch leaves your skin feeling supple and smooth due to its moisturising ingredients. These ingredients prevent the skin from drying out during the day.

To bring you even more moisturising benefits, we included grape seed oil in the formula. Grape seed oil is really wonderful as it promotes healthy skin through its anti-ageing properties associated with firmer skin and it provides exceptional moisturising actions. Your skin will feel moist and firmer.
4. Green Rooibos

Green Rooibos extract (unfermented Rooibos) contains higher antioxidant levels than fermented Rooibos and is therefore highly beneficial as it fights free radicals that cause skin breakouts.

Velvet Touch, which is fragrance-free, is more than a foundation as it has added skin care benefits that offer moisturisation, protection and mattifying properties, which result in more radiant skin that will be perfect for younger skin.
Skin Types:

Normal skin
Combination skin
Oily skin

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Velvet Touch Natural Foundation: Natural Beige 30ml