Zinc 30 Tablets


Every cell in the human body contains zinc, a crucial trace mineral. It is an essential building block used by 200+ enzymes in the body and is necessary for human biological function. In fact, more enzymatic reactions involve zinc than any other mineral.

The majority of enzymes are made up of a protein, an important mineral, and potentially a vitamin. An enzyme cannot work effectively if it lacks the necessary mineral or vitamins. Almost every system in the body is affected by low zinc levels because of its crucial function in so many enzymes.

Zinc is necessary for the proper functioning of several bodily hormones, including insulin, growth hormone, and sex hormones like testosterone and estrogen, in addition to its role in enzymes. It also helps your immune system and metabolism.

For optimal health, zinc levels must be adequate. There are numerous advantages to zinc. Proper immunological function, wound healing, cognitive and sensory functions, sexual function, and skin health all depend on it.
Do you suffer from:

Hair loss
Changes in their nails
Feeling irritable
Loss of appetite
Eye problems
Weight loss
Wounds that take a long time to heal
Lack of taste and smell

Increased Requirement of Zinc in the human body?

Old age
Pregnancy and lactation
Oral contraceptive use
Growth spurts and puberty

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Zinc 30 Tablets